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Natalia Hirsz, Blue Badger, 2019.
Sculpture, made of ceramic mass, by the technique of casting from gypsum artificial molds; hollow inside; glazed, fired twice.
20,5 x 8 x 6,5 cm.

Unique product, hand made and hand glazed. It is possible to order similar sculptures, but due to the technique used, it is impossible to make copies.

Our aesthetic sensitivity is shaped by objects that fill our surroundings. It is not so common to find sculptures among those objects, although it is sculptures that bear the most tangible, sensual qualities. Made of ceramic, wood, bronze or even stone, sculptures pulsate with innate energy and temperature; they emanate fragility and rawness, and encourage us to cultivate memories, and to immerse ourselves in contemplation. Hand crafted, spacious works refer to forms of nature; they hark back to the prominent tradition of Polish design by means of simple formulas and noble techniques. Small forms – sculptures for your home. Representing animals, inhabitants of forests, fields and wetlands, and the weathered ones that fill the sky – can be purchased at the Hunt and Ornaments gallery. Each sculpture, even the functional ones created for the purpose of multiple use, has been processed by hand, thus two identical works cannot be found in our gallery – every single one is unique.