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Redear watch.
Round envelope; mineral glass;
hand-painted face; quartz movement,
WR30 waterproof; case and dial
made of high-quality wood.
leather strap.
Complete with a decorative box.

Among various types of objects in our offer, there is something for watch connoiseurs as well. Once the timepiece mechanism has been downsized so much so it can be contained in small, flat case, at first destined for the pocket and soon after to be worn on the forearm, watches had become extensively used on a daily basis, as well as on special occasions. Meticulously crafted out of prescious materials, they quickly became a sort of desirable jewellery, and an indication of social status of the user, but also of their sense of style, interests and propriety.

We present examples of watch faces. Our artists will gladly upgrade your watch with any motif close to your heart. Don’t hesitate to let us know about the sort of a watch, and the way in which you wish for it to be decorated. If you have an idea for the painting interference of our artists, we invite you to write a message with information about the watch and graphic theme.