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Alicja Kubicka, Bears (after Livre de chasse);
41,8 x 29,5 cm;
ink, gouache, acrylic, crayon on paper, 2018;
dated and signed on the reverse.

We remind you that it is possible to order a specific framing according to your preference, for the works purchased in our shop. Works on paper require a different sort of display than sculpture or painting. We are ready to take care not only of the technical aspect of framing, but also proffesional counseling regarding issues such as: security of the work, its aesthetic quality, or the congruence of exposure of the work with the authors vision.

,,Livre de chasse” otherwise known as The Master of Game, is a medieval guidebook on hunting, veterinary science and training of coursers, written between 1387 and 1389 by Gaston Phoebus in Old French; some forty-four richly illustrated manuscripts survive. Today, thanks to them, we can marvel at virtuosity of nameless scribes, who re-created hunting scenes on the pages of manuscripts. Illustrations made for all copies of The Master of the Game were essentially meant for didactic purposes. Nowadays it is obvious that the images, though naive and intuitive, make for priceless testimony of how the pictorial thought was progressing, but also for the boundless creative imagination of the authors, not yet familiar with, for example, the idea of optical perspective. What was meant to serve as a practical guidebook, turned out to be a treasury of prescious pictorial work – today still fresh, eye-luring painterly etudes.