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Judyta Stein; Blue Roe Deers; painter’s found footage
in an old painting by L. Hallstring; 2019;
in an original, vintage, wooden frame;
46 x 38 x 2 cm; 59 x 50,5 x 5 cm (in frame);
oil, acrylic, final varnish on canvas.

The works collected by our shop tell about nature. Unique paintings made with noble painting techniques by our artists. They are characterized by high craftsmanship, taste as well as a variety of species of fauna and flora appearing in the pictures. Some of them catch the aura of free nature, bound only by the horizon line, and introduce it to the space of our homes. They are a window to the unnoticed – and the basic world of the elements, instincts, raptures and the truths of death, life and beauty.